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Cucumber Onion and Tomato Salad simple and sooo good

Cucumber Onion and Tomato Salad simple and sooo good

A Garden Delight: The Simplicity of Marinated Vegetables

Sometimes, the most delicious dishes are the simplest ones. This recipe for Marinated Vegetables celebrates the beauty of fresh, seasonal produce with a light and flavorful marinade.

A Symphony of Freshness:

This recipe is a symphony of garden-fresh flavors. Juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and a sharp onion come together in a simple marinade that enhances their natural taste without overpowering them.

Effortlessly Elegant:

The beauty of this recipe lies in its ease. With minimal ingredients and steps, you can create a refreshing and flavorful side dish that complements any grilled protein or can be enjoyed on its own as a light lunch.


  • Fresh from the Garden:

    • 3 Tomatoes - Choose ripe tomatoes with vibrant colors and a slight give when pressed gently.
    • 3 Cucumbers - English or Persian cucumbers work well here, as they are less likely to be bitter.
    • 1 Onion - A yellow or red onion adds a touch of sharpness to the mix. Feel free to experiment with other varieties like Vidalia for a milder flavor.
  • The Flavorful Marinade:

    • 1/2 Cup Vinegar - White vinegar is a classic choice, but you can also explore other options like apple cider vinegar for a touch of sweetness.
    • 1 Teaspoon Cracked Black Pepper - Freshly cracked black pepper adds a delightful bite.
    • 2 Tablespoons Sugar - A touch of sugar balances the acidity of the vinegar and highlights the natural sweetness of the vegetables.
    • 2 Teaspoons Salt - Salt enhances all the flavors in the dish.
    • 1 Cup Water - Water helps to thin out the marinade and ensures even distribution of flavors.
    • 1/4 Cup Olive Oil - Extra virgin olive oil adds a touch of richness and healthy fats.

Step-by-Step Guide to Garden Bliss:

  1. Preparing the Vegetables:

    • Wash and dry the tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion.
    • Slice the tomatoes into wedges or bite-sized pieces.
    • Cut the cucumbers into thin slices or half-moons.
    • Thinly slice the onion.
  2. Whisking Up the Magic:

    • In a large bowl, whisk together the vinegar, cracked black pepper, sugar, salt, water, and olive oil.
  3. Bringing it All Together:

    • Add the sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion to the bowl with the marinade.
    • Toss everything gently to ensure the vegetables are well coated.
  4. Unlocking the Flavor:

    • Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, ideally 2 hours, to allow the flavors to meld and develop. The longer they marinate, the more flavorful they become.
  5. Serving Up Freshness:

    • Once chilled, serve your marinated vegetables and enjoy the refreshing taste of summer!