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Quesabirria Tacos - A Fusion Fantasy

Dive into Deliciousness: Quesabirria Tacos - A Fusion Fantasy

Quesabirria Tacos - A Fusion Fantasy

Quesabirria tacos are the ultimate fusion food fantasy, combining the juicy, flavorful goodness of birria stew with the crispy, melty comfort of quesadillas. Imagine tender, slow-cooked shredded beef bathed in a rich, aromatic chili sauce, nestled within a golden-brown tortilla overflowing with melted cheese. Each bite explodes with savory, slightly spicy flavors, making it an unforgettable culinary experience.

This recipe captures the essence of this trendy Mexican dish, allowing you to recreate the magic in your own kitchen.


  • The Birria Beef:
    • 2 lbs beef chuck roast or brisket, cut into 1-inch cubes (around 3-4 cups) - These cuts have excellent marbling for juicy, flavorful birria.
    • 1 white onion, roughly chopped - Adds sweetness and depth of flavor to the braising broth.
    • 5 garlic cloves - Essential for adding a pungent, garlicky kick.
    • 2 bay leaves - Infuse the broth with a warm, herbal aroma.
    • 1 tbsp ground cumin - Earthy and warm, a cornerstone of Mexican cuisine.
    • 1 tbsp dried oregano - Offers a complex, slightly floral note.
    • 1 tbsp chili powder - Provides a smoky, mildly spicy backbone.
    • 1 cinnamon stick - Adds a subtle sweetness and warmth.
    • Don't forget the magic touch! Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper according to your taste buds' desires.
    • Beef broth or water - Enough to just cover the meat during braising.
  • The Quesadilla Magic:
    • Corn or flour tortillas - Choose your favorite! Corn tortillas offer a classic street taco experience, while flour tortillas can hold more fillings and create a crispier shell.


  1. Spice Up Your Life: In a large bowl, toss the cubed beef with salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, chili powder, crushed garlic cloves, chopped onion, and bay leaves. This dry rub infuses the meat with flavor as it braises.
  2. Braising Bliss: Pour enough beef broth or water into a slow cooker or Dutch oven to just cover the seasoned beef. Bring the liquid to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 2-3 hours, or until the meat is incredibly tender and shreds easily with a fork. The slow braising process allows the flavors to meld and creates melt-in-your-mouth tender beef.
  3. Shredding Success: Once the braising time is complete, carefully remove the cooked beef from the flavorful liquid (reserve the broth, it's magic!). Gently pull the braised beef apart with two forks, creating juicy, bite-sized pieces for your delicious tacos. This shredded birria will be the star of your tacos.
  4. The Flavor Bath (Optional): For an extra layer of flavor, prepare to get your tortillas nice and toasty. Prepare your crispy canvas! Heat a large skillet or griddle over medium heat to get it ready for searing the tortillas. Dip each tortilla briefly into the reserved birria broth, coating it lightly. This step adds a touch of savory richness to the final product.
  5. Quesadilla Time: Place a tortilla on the preheated skillet. Add a generous amount of shredded birria to one half of the tortilla. Top with your favorite cheese – Oaxaca cheese is a traditional choice for its melty goodness, but Monterey Jack or a blend would work beautifully too. Enclose the deliciousness! Fold the tortilla in half over the filling, forming a neat crescent shape.
  6. Crispy Perfection: Cook the quesabirria taco for 2-3 minutes per side, or until golden brown and crispy. The cheese should be melted and gooey inside.
  7. Flavor Fiesta: Repeat steps 4-6 to assemble all your quesabirria tacos. Serve them immediately with your favorite taco toppings like chopped white onion, cilantro, chopped fresh radishes, lime wedges, avocado slices, and a drizzle of your favorite salsa or hot sauce.


  • Leftovers? No Problem! The cooked birria and leftover broth can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Bring the leftovers back to life! Gently reheat the birria in a saucepan or microwave until it's steaming hot throughout.
  • Spice it Up or Down: Adjust the amount of chili powder in the braising liquid to control the spice level.
  • Got Instant Pot? This recipe can be transformed for your pressure cooker with just a few simple tweaks. Follow steps 1-3, then pressure cook on high for 1 hour, allowing for natural pressure release for 10 minutes before manually releasing any remaining pressure.
  • Get Creative with Toppings: Feel free to experiment with different toppings beyond the suggestions. Pickled red onions, crumbled queso fresco, or a drizzle of crema add another layer of flavor and texture.

Additional Recipe Options:

  • Guajillo Chile Boost: For an extra layer of complexity and a hint of smokiness, add 3-4 guajillo chiles (dried and de-seeded) to the braising broth along with the other spices.
  • Consomé Delight: The leftover birria broth is a flavorful treasure! Strain it to remove any solids and enjoy it as a delicious and warming consommé on the side of your tacos.
  • Vegetarian Twist: Swap the beef for jackfruit or portobello mushrooms for a vegetarian alternative. Simmer the jackfruit or mushrooms in the birria broth following the same instructions for the beef.

Plating and Presentation:

Elevate your quesabirria taco experience with a beautiful presentation!

  • Arrange the tacos on a platter lined with parchment paper.
  • Garnish with a variety of colorful toppings: Chopped fresh cilantro, vibrant red radishes, creamy avocado slices, and a lime wedge add visual interest and textural contrast.
  • Drizzle with your favorite salsa or hot sauce for a pop of color.
  • Serve alongside a small bowl of the reserved consommé for dipping.

With a little creativity, you can transform your quesabirria tacos from a delicious meal into a visually stunning culinary masterpiece.